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The Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index is the first evidence-based set of autism specific design guidelines worldwide. Developed by Magda Mostafa as part of her research on inclusive built environments for autism, it has been widely published and recognized worldwide for its groundbreaking principles. Most recently in 2014 she was awarded the International Union of Architects (UIA) Architecture for All Research Award in Durban South Africa.

In 2015 Mostafa was invited to speak at the world's first autism design conference, hosted by the UK's National Autistic Society. Her interview there can be found at

"Rarely can an it be said of an architect that she can save lives...but Magda's architecture is one that can save lives", Dr. Mary Doherty, @AutisticDoctor 

“one of the world's pre-eminent researchers in autism design” Vanessa Quirk, ArchDaily, 2014

“grassroots autism design research needed to inch the profession forward”, Chris Henry, ArchDaily, 2011

“In spite of the fact that it is difficult –i.e., costly– to produce interventions in the built environment, even when scales are small, examples as Magda Mostafa’s work (2008) show that they are possible and that, when systematically carried out and assessed, they can provide us with useful information about how, and to what extent, these realisations improve the experience people with ASD have in their environment”, P. Sánchez, F. S. Vázquez, 2011, "Autism and the Built Environment" in Ted Williams (ed), 2011, "Autism Spectrum Disorders- From Genes to Environment"

"among the first autism design studies to be prospective not retrospective, have a control group, and measure quantifiable factors in a systematic way... it represents a paradigm shift in how architects have been studying autism design... (and is) leagues above what most other architects have been doing" , Chris Henry, ArchDaily, 2012


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