The Autism ASPECTSS Design Index has been used in projects across 5 continents around the world. Through the consultancy services provided by the team, we have given support to architects and autism service providers in The Netherlands, United States, Egypt. Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Australia.

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute Facility Replacement

Omaha, Nebraska

In collaboration with Altus Studios we have provided sensory and autism design sub-consultancy support for the design of the new 20,000 m2 facility for the Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) located in Omaha, Nebraska. Part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's state of the art facilities, MMI is committed to becoming world leaders in care and support for individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Evidence of this commitment is their commissioning and implementation of ASPECTSS principles throughout the design of their new facility.

The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services


United Arab Emirates

The Sharjah Center for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) provides comprehensive support to the intellectual and developmentally challenged as well as the sensory and mobility impaired community of Sharjah. One of the largest providers of this service in the region, this ambitious new project is comprised of an entire campus within an urban neighborhood dedicated to inclusion and accessibility of this community. Using the ASPECTSS™ principles of reverse inclusion, it places the needs of the challenged community first, with inclusive policies for neuro, sensory and mobility typical users second. Once completed it will be the first urban scale community to apply ASPECTSS™ at this scale.

Working as a sub-consultant to the main consultant team of Mimar and DarAlomran, a full scope of sensory and ASC specific design considerations was provided at all phases of the project- from space programming, concept design, design development, construction documents and operational strategies.

Els Center for Excellence

Jupiter, FL


The Els Center for Excellence is a purpose-built center which includes a K-12 public charter school for children on the Autism Spectrum. In 2015 a Post-Occupancy Evaluation-informed retro-fit and re-design of the High School was conducted, and resulted in a state of the art ASPECTSS-compliant learning environment. Information about the project can be found here.


The Autism ASPECTSS Design Index has been presented at Keynote addresses and invited lectures at Harvard Graduate School of Design, the National Autistic Society's Design Conference in London, AsIAm National Autism Conference in Dublin Ireland, The Autism Forum in Zurich Switzerland and as an architectural mobile workshop at SAP's Autism@Work Summit at the Els Center for Excellence in Jupiter Florida.


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